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In June I was the guest of our vendor Babor to learn more about the company and their products. Babor is the vendor for products we use for numerous facials including our Signature Facial and body treatments such as the Ultimate Body Experience. Babor was started in Germany in 1956 and is sold in over 70 countries. They employ 14 people full time in just their research and development department. In order to be able to speed the process they also have a large “robot” that can do the work in one day for research that would otherwise take 6 months! One of Babor’s main focus has become fluid ampoules that are applied to the skin after cleansing. Due to the nature of the fluids they penetrate deeper into the skin and give great results. Babor manufactures over 19 million ampoules per year! If you are looking for results from your skin care products stop in and see us about these wonderful products.