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Malie Koke

One of my favorite products to keep my skin hydrated is using a scrub such as the Malie Koke’e organic body polish once a week in the shower. It is sugar based scrub which is very easy to use and crafted from natural and organic ingredients. I finish with the Koke’e body cream for extra moisture. Malie’s products are also made in Plumeria and Mango as well.


Malie is a Hawaiian company located in Kauai that I happened upon about 5 years ago on vacation. Every time I use these products it reminds me of the peacefulness of Hawaii. A nice way to try out all the products is Our Hawaiian Rainforest Escape. It’s a 100 minute service that includes a gentle Vichy shower. So if you can’t leave on vacation these products take me on a very mini vacation at home.