Massage Services

Pamper every inch of your body with one of Ivy Spa Club’s

exclusive body treatments. An indulgent experience that is

sure to leave you feeling rejuvenated and re-energized.

~Ultimate Body Experience

-A full body treatment that will refresh, relax and strengthen.

~Luxury Hydrating Wrap

-Add intensive moisture to your skin.


- Our most popular body treatment

~Sensations Orientales

- Aromatic scrub and relaxing massage

~Signature Slimming & Firming

- Reduces the appearance of cellulite

~Rejuvenating Still Water Mud Mask

- Under the Vichy shower

~Harvest Renewal

- A pear body scrub and vanilla massage

~Hawaiian Rainforest Escape

- Tropical scrub and massage

~Asiana Journey

- Scrub, body wrap and massage

~Avocado Abundance

- Scrub, mask and massage full of antioxidants

~Anti-Aging Airbrush Tanning

- A custom airbrush tan that leaves you glowing

~Express Exfoliation & Spray Tan

-A gentle exfoliation that will increase the longevity your spray tan.

~Art De Beaut'e

-A unique exfoliation followed with a wrap and 50 minute massage.

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Ultimate Body Experience

-This treatment begins with a full body exfoliation with mineral salts to refresh, relax or strengthen. Relax in the luxury of our VibraAcoustic Hydrotherapy tub followed by a warm soothing body wrap fortified with rare plant stem cells for exquisite anti-aging effects. What follows is a heavenly 80-minute massage with customized mood enhancing aromas.

165 Minutes
Member: $295
Day Guest: $360

Luxury Hydrating Wrap

This wrap is perfect in adding intensive moisture to your skin. The rich, nurturing, anti-aging body wrap rejuvenates the skin as it soothes and protects.

30 Minutes
Member: $55
Day Guest: $65


Inspired from the Orient and Japan, this nourishing body ritual begins with a warmed exfoliating cherry blossom and rice powder cream massaged in to leave the skin soft and invigorated. This is followed by a 50-minute relaxing full-body massage.

100 Minutes
Member: $165
Day Guest: $175

Sensations Orientales

Inspired by the Orient features a body exfoliation with a Moroccan pumice stone and enzymatic exfoliating nectar for soft, smooth skin. This is followed by a 50 minute massage with warmed amber oil. Also take home the pumice stone home to enjoy with take home products available in the spa.

100 Minutes
Member: $165
Day Guest: $175

Signature Slimming & Firming

Designed to firm and slim, this luxurious treatment begins with an incredible slimming and peeling wrap to smooth the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Customized firming or slimming body serums are then applied and followed with a therapeutic massage.

80 Minutes
Member: $150
Day Guest: $175

Rejuvenating Still Water Mud Mask

A unique cleansing and healing treatment. Jojoba body scrub uncovers new skin under a Vichy shower, from which multiple showerheads cascade water while you lie on a cushioned table. Then luxuriate in a cocoon of warm aromatic pine and rich mineral mud known for its healing properties. This treatment helps alleviate muscle aches, reduce tension and relieve stress.

80 Minutes
Member: $140
Day Guest: $165

Harvest Renewal

An intoxicating pear body scrub and a Vichy shower with cascading water smoothes and rinses away dry skin, followed by a 30-minute moisturizing vanilla massage.

50 Minutes
Member: $90
Day Guest: $100

Hawaiian Rainforest Escape

Enjoy an escape to Hawaii with a Vichy shower scrub that exfoliates, and takes you away to the tropics. A soothing 80-minute Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage with moisturizing tropical scents concludes your escape.

100 Minutes
Member: $190
Day Guest: $200

Asiana Journey

A special bamboo, ginger and green tea exfoliation precedes an embracing, hydrating rice milk body wrap. A soothing 50-minute moisturizing massage completes the journey.

100 Minutes
Member: $165
Day Guest: $175

Avocado Abundance

An avocado stone body polish exfoliation is followed by an avocado clay mask and an avocado lotion massage application. The antioxidants in this treatment assist in protecting skin from envirommental damage and prevent premature aging. The 100-minute treatment includes a soothing 50-minute massage.

100 Minutes
Member: $165
Day Guest: $175

Anti-Aging Airbrush Tanning

This custom airbrush tan leaves you with a naturally bronzed look using top quality products created with anti-aging elements.

30 Minutes
Member: $45
Day Guest: $50

Express Exfoliation & Spray Tan

Enjoy a gently exfoliation body scrub that will increase the longevity of your spray tan. Select from Jojoba, Pear, Salt, Avocado or Bamboo Ginger Green Tea combination.

50 Minutes
Member: $100
Day Guest: $110

Art De Beaut'e

This treatment is a new palette of sensations in a unique protocol combining colors, exclusive massage that mimics a sculptors hand movements. The treatment begins with a body exfoliation with a blue iris extract evoking the ocean, followed by a wrap of red water lily extract and shea butter that evokes a stroll thru a fragrant field of flowers. The treatment finishes with a 50 minute massage with yellow tulip extract evoking the warm sun.

80 Minutes
Member: $175
Day Guest: $200

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