Massage Services

Rejuvenate your skin with an exclusive Ivy Spa Club Facial,

tailored to your individual skin needs. Leave feeling awakened,

refreshed and glowing.

~Ivy Signature Facial

- Our signature and most popular customized facial

~Lumafirm Facial

-Freeze-dried technology works as an instant repair boost

~Gentleman’s Fitness Facial

- A resurfacing treatment formulated for men

~Luminous "C" Facial

- Restores your skin to a youthful glow

~Aromatic Back Facial

- New techniques and products used!

~Customized Facial

- Perfect for sensitive skin

~Professional Correcting Facial

- Helps problematic skin

~Collagen Booster Therapy

- Lifts and reshapes the facial contour

~Collagen Hyaluronic Treatment

- Patented age reversal

~Resurfacing Peel Treatment

- Detoxify and resurface

~Cellular Repair Therapy

- Boosts skin cell regeneration

~High Skin Refiner Lifting - NEW!

- A ultra-firming facial with immediate results!

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Ivy Signature Facial

A uniquely customized and specifically formulated facial, this treatment repairs and restores and is beneficial for all skin types. A deep pore cleansing, exfoliation and steaming begins the treatment, followed by a face, neck and decollete massage. Finally, a soothing mask is applied leaving your skin radiant with a healthy glow.

50 Minutes
Member: $95
Day Guest: $110

Lumafirm Facial

In one treatment, this facial renders your skin ultra-luminous with a firmer, tighter and more youthfully defined appearance. This freeze-dried technology works as the perfect instant repair boost. Immediately brightens, lightens and refines skin texture.

50 Minutes
Member: $140
Day Guest: $155

Gentleman’s Fitness Facial

A visible resurfacing treatment designed and formulated specially for men. Rejuvenating caviar and repairing freeze-dried Escutox® are applied to replenish skin while counteracting the negative effects of stress and aging aggressors.

60 Minutes
Member: $135
Day Guest: $150

Luminous "C" Facial

Let the healing properties of nature leave your skin bright and glowing. A unique Vitamin "C" and Seaweed complex revitalizes and oxygenates, as well as prevents premature aging, restoring your skin to a youthful appearance. Simply luminous.

60 Minutes
Member: $135
Day Guest: $150

Aromatic Back Facial

This refreshing treatment deep cleanses and detoxifies. Active ingredients work to minimize pores and clear imperfections, leaving your skin luminous and extra smooth.

30 Minutes
Member: $60
Day Guest: $65

Customized Facial

This specialized and nurturing treatment incorporates European cleansing and exfoliating methods. A customized ampoule helps soothe and calm the skin. Next, a facial massage and mask treatment protects, rejuvenates and illuminates. The perfect facial for those with sensitive skin.

50 Minutes
Member: $100
Day Guest: $115

Professional Correcting Facial

A gentle and specialized treatment that is developed to help oily, problematic and blemished skin. Using a concentrated formula, this facial reduces impurities while exfoliating, soothing and balancing the skin.

50 Minutes
Member: $100
Day Guest: $115

Collagen Booster Therapy

This therapy offers an effective alternative to facial injections by plumping and densifying the skin. Ultra-potent hyaluronic acid and collagen boost the skin from the inside out to smooth lines and wrinkles. A thermo sculpting mask, plus a modelage mask that enhances and deepens the effects, lifts and reshapes the facial contour, leaving the skin looking extra smooth and youthful.

80 Minutes
Member: $180
Day Guest: $200

Collagen Hyaluronic Treatment

This patented age-reversal treatment reveals a more youthful skin by beginning with a mineral microdermabrasion of volcano rock and salicylic acid. Injection-like wrinkle filling serums are applied, followed by a facial massage using a patented elasticity revealer. Finally, a collagen lifting mask plumps and repairs the skin.

80 Minutes
Member: $180
Day Guest: $200

Resurfacing Peel Treatment

Detoxify and resurface the skin. A manual microdermabrasion containing ruby and sapphire crystals is followed by a glycolic/salicylic peel. A facial massage and oxygenating mask reveal a radiant and clear complexion! *Add Whitening Serum to brighten and target hyper pigmentation for $15.

50 Minutes
Member: $115
Day Guest: $130

Cellular Repair Treatment

Boosting skin cell regeneration and turnover, this effective repair therapy keeps the skin young and wrinkle-free. Formulated with a high dose of Biogen extract, this "miracle therapy" promotes the renewal of skin tissue leaving your skin smoother and more refined. Perfect for anyone looking to keep their youthful appearance or those following cosmetic surgery or skin trauma.

50 Minutes
Member: $100
Day Guest: $115

High Skin Refiner Lifting - NEW!

A high-end and luxurious treatment with immediate, visible results. Skin is lifted, smoothed and plumped while fine lines and wrinkles are filled leaving your complexion youthful and radiant.

60 Minutes
Member: $180
Day Guest: $200

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