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Welcome to the Blog of the Ivy Spa Club - located in The Hotel Ivy, in downtown Minneapolis.  We periodically post news and stories from our spa and other industry news.  If you are interested in any of the products or services mentioned please contact us, or visit our online store.

Tropical Month

Although February has felt like spring, March may feel like winter so what better way to “escape” winter than Tropical Month at the spa.  All of the special services we are featuring help to hydrate your skin.  This effect of no snow and the need for heat dries out our skin very quickly.  If you are finding your skin very dry and itchy using a product such as shea butter as soon as you get out of the shower will help your dry skin.  Also although we all love a very hot shower or bath on a cold winter night, this too drys out the skin.  Use a moderate temperature when bathing.  Visit our website to make an appointment.